Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tonight my Bible study group watched Louie Giglio's DVD Indescribable. I really enjoyed the sermon ideas and the way Louie showed the awesomeness and glorious works the Lord has put into being, that he is continuing to create. Louie said that according to astronomers, each second a star is born. I really liked all the astronomy, Louie used it to the utmost in showing the vastness of the universe that God has created and how infinitesimal we are in comparison.

The song Indescribable by Chris Tomlin is featured before the sermon. Some of the songs sung today seem feature our love of God, not His love for us. How could it possibly be awesome that God chose us and we love Him for it?! That is not amazing. What is amazing and powerful is that He loves us. How small and insignificant we are here on earth within the universe was clearly and eloquently displayed in Louie's sermon.

In Job 38:31-33 God named constellations and showed Job a fraction of His size. Psalm 147:4 says "He determines the number of stars and calls them each by name." That, all on it's own is a powerful statement, but the verse just before says "He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds." The Lord who created galaxies, loves us and will bind up our wounds! That thought unto itself is profound to me, add onto that He sent His beloved Son to die in our place, when He created the vast universe puts me on my knees. I usually fight my emotions when dealing with my faith, I get too confused. However, this time I will probably let myself cry.

The truth of His love puts the election and all the turmoil in such stark perspective. Of course He can heal our wounds, He says so. He's the one that created the universe.


dstephens said...

Wow!! I'd love to leave a deep and meaningful comment, but I'm not very good with words. But I will say WOW, what you said gave me goosebumps.

gary & kimber said...

Thanks for sharing. Did you ever hear a praise song a few years back entitled "It's All About You"?

Ruth said...

I think I have, but can't remember the words. We probably sang it at our last church. It was a big, cool people church. We had to leave, we weren't cool enough. We wanted organ music and high church services. We needed a smaller church that would could really get involved in.

dstephens said...

I'm glad you chose our church. Your family is a real asset.

Ruth said...


I am really enjoying the church and getting to know everybody. It's nice to come to Logos early and be able to talk to people. We like being in smaller church family, because it is more like a family! Hope you're having a good day!