Tuesday, April 12, 2011

P&R Seeds

Peter and I started a company a few weeks ago. We are both really excited. We are going to be selling Peter's anthocyanin tomato. It's healthy and really beautiful. I will have to take a picture soon. I thought that I had a photo on my computer, but Peter must have them all at work.

We are looking forward to the opportunities that this business will bring us. I am sure the Lord has plans to use this business. It's fun to see something new unfold!

I am also so amazed with who the man I married is and what he can do. He works hard at his paying job to do the tomatos on the side. And he spends time coaching Samuel's soccer team as well as the responsibilities he has taken on at church. Today is a long day for him. He left early this morning for work and won't get home until about 9 because he has a deacons meeting that he leads. Oh, and he teaches Abraham chemistry. What a blessing my man is!