Monday, September 29, 2008

Hiding and Seeking

Hiding and Seeking:Faith and Tolerance After the Holocaust is a documentary that centers around one family in multiple generations. The PBS website has a good explanation of the film, much better than I could explain. But here is a VERY brief explanation of the film. Menachem and his wife, Rifka, take their two sons to Poland to discover the family history as all the grandparents are Holocaust survivors from Poland. A rabbi in Brooklyn has been teaching "hate" on gentiles. Both sons don't agree with the word hate, but don't see anything useful in the world outside their Talmudic studies. Menachem wants his sons to see the "divinity" in other peoples and the world at large.

During their time in Poland they meet the family, including two of the actual people, that hid Rifka's father. He never got in touch with them to say thank you or let them know he was alive.
"For the Daums, the encounter is steeped in unanticipated emotion — and the realization of a long unpaid debt. For the Polish rescuers, there is a kind of wistful reception of visitors long past expected."

The main thoughts that I have been tossing in my mind are about the distrust that has sprung out of the Holocaust by the younger Jews in the family to the larger world. They have the same level of distrust as their grandparents. Did the fear skip a generation? Is it true that grandparents can have that kind of influence over their grandchildren? I can't help but think that because the sons were raised in an insulating culture the words were stronger. They new nothing to contradict what they were told by their grandparents. I know that what my grandparents said, in regards to how they and their families were treated, colored my worldview. I think that it is important that I vote for those who support Israel.

Ultimately the question should be how I think of this as a Christian. Should we, as Christians, spend more time in the world or less?

Friday, September 26, 2008


Here are some fun soccer pictures from last Saturday's game. Micah was quite cold and tired, he already sat through Abraham's game. In the middle of Micah's game it started to rain and they had no players to substitute. All the boys played very hard. Abraham played really well. He even made a goal. Unfortunately, I put the camera away just moments before he scored! It would have been really fun to get a picture of him scoring a goal.

Peter is enjoying being Micah's coach. I think he may continue to coach him through out the years. Peter has been an unofficial coach for Abraham's team from time to time. Soccer has become something the entire family enjoys. We see people from other schools that the boys have been on teams with before. It's a nice community outing.

Tomorrow we have more games. I am truly looking forward to them. I can't wait until all the kids are playing soccer. We will truly be a soccer family then!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is for Angi!

It looks like color instead of just stainless steel is on the rise! I found this website and thought of you, Angi! I like the pink dishwasher. Retro is Fun!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Greenhouse Raisin'

Our greenhouse for work is getting it's skin today!

Peter really wanted to put the top on the greenhouse. Some people came to help out. The directions said specifically that it needed to be an absolutely calm day. Since we don't have any of those in the fall, Peter thought today would be as good a day as any. Too bad the directions were specific for a reason!

And the plastic is blowing Away!

Fortunately they were be able to keep the plastic in place. Now it looks like an honest to goodness greenhouse! It was supposed to have two layers but the second layer nearly blew off completely. I didn't get a picture of that because I was helping to keep it from blowing away completely!

Peter wants to put the sides up today as well. I'll see if he does it before soccer. He is Micah's coach so he can't miss the game to work late!

Some more pictures

This is at Redfish Lake. It's about 2 1/2 hours north of us in Stanley. We had a great time camping.

This is Samuel's birthday party. We did a campout theme.

The first day of school. Aren't they handsome!
Esther and Reveille getting to know each other. She is such a patient dog, when Esther grabs her ears she just stands or sits there until Esther lets go.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My house

You all know that the name of this blog was meant to be a play on words. It turns out I do kind of like things messy(not in perfect little packages). Take this picture of my front garden.

I realize that it should be neater, but the wildness is kind of fun. Next year it will be different, but I am really enjoying the flowers. Not a lot of people here but flowers in their front yards. Here is another picture.
We are enjoying the waning of summer weather. Too soon it will be windy all the time and no color other than brown to behold. Hope you all are enjoying your summer weather as well.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some pictures from the last couple of months

The very first one

Here I am to say not much. But I had to get the first one going. I am excited to be able to keep my family from afar in touch with our daily life. And maybe one day I will have some bloggy friends. Clink..heres to hopes!