Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Homety, homety home again!

This weekend we went to Oregon. It was so much fun! We had Christmas pictures made and went to a lovely wedding. Such a grand ole time, and interesting too. Definitely one to go down in family lore!

On Friday we had the kids pictures done. And let them run around after a day long trip on Thursday. Not much to write about there. On Saturday our plans were to go to Mt. St. Helens and then to the planned wedding.

It took a little longer to get up to the visitor center than expected so we didn't have time to drive around to other side. I think Esther may have had something to say about that! But I got some pictures from the visitor center. I found it interesting that Silver Lake, where the center is, was created from the eruption.

After our fun time at Mt. St. Helens we had to zip to the wedding. None of us were dressed yet and we had no where to get dressed. We just figured that we would get dressed at the Brookshill Historic Church. So off we went to find this diamond on a really tall hill. It is in Hillsboro, which happens to be aptly named.

The church is right across the street from a quaint school.

We got to Hillsboro late! We rushed to get dressed appropriately in the school parking lot after running down the hill (15 minutes) to get lunch. (All I can say is thank goodness for our Yukon! Crouching room!) We finally were dressed nice enough, barely, for a wedding. We ran into the church, amazingly not making a scene! Sitting down in the back of the tiny chapel, Peter and I looked at each other. We did not recognize the groom, whom we know. Somehow we were at a lovely wedding where we didn't know anybody! Peter quietly rushed out to the car to see if we had gotten the day wrong. Was it the wrong time? No, we had both correct. Suddenly, Esther began to make noise. Perfect! We were making a scene at a wedding, to which we were not invited, and drawing attention to ourselves! Peter missed the rest of the service. Which was unfortunate, it was wonderful and touching between two older folks. Including the brides sons saying "Way to go, Mom!" It was great! After two kisses and the pronouncement we tried to figure out what happened. First I talked to a guest at the wedding. He said we have a handsome family. Then, we talked to the owner of the chapel and found out that the bride for our wedding canceled four weeks prior! So Peter called someone at home to find out what happened. No the marriage wasn't canceled, just that location for the wedding. We didn't find out for another day, but it was in Kelso, WA. Much closer to Mt. St. Helens! Here's a picture of the lovely couple, I forgot to get their names!

We had plenty of fun, and even went to a lovely wedding, even if it wasn't the right one!


Montay said...

Ruth I love that way to make lemons out of lemonade

Megan said...

That's...awesome. I'm so glad you enjoyed the misadventure! Major kudos for not pulling your hair out!

Nan said...

Oh my word!!! I can't believe they canceled and didn't let everyone know! How crazy! You are such a great sport... that was a long way to drive!