Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've been cited!

I have been so busy with the Holiday Home Tour tickets, for a local version of the Junior League, that I haven't been reading my daily blogs. Now that I am done, I can go back to reading my blogs everyday. My friend Megan at A Sanctuary Sought cited my blog. (Or are you supposed to say linked, hmm something to ponder.) Unfortunately, the post she cited was the one about me being in a funk(unhappy). Oh, the shame! I wish that I were never in a funk, so that a post like that couldn't be cited. But MY reality dictates that I have a hard time controlling my emotions and moods. I am endeavoring to triumph over this affliction, but this may be a lifelong lesson. I have been told I was born moody. Now that definitely puts a new spin on things. But it doesn't mean that I can't try.

This past month has been hard for me as far as moods go. It's been the ticket. I finished it, but it is not what I hoped it would be. I have spent many hours on it. I must say that I am greatly discouraged. I tried, but I couldn't make it perfect. Maybe with enough time. However, is perfection something to strive for? Trying really made it difficult for me to be pleasant to be around the last month when thinking about the ticket. I have a tendency to be negative. Yes, I know SHOCKING! My negativity really reared it's ugly head as far as Junior Club is concerned this month.

At this point, my point is that while I am trying to have joy, sometimes I fail. I know that striving for perfection really gets in the way, for me.

Thanks, Megan, for citing me! I feel cool now!

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Megan said...

You're very welcome! Thanks for keepin' it real and sharing the rough patches as well as the triumphs. :-)