Monday, October 13, 2008

What no TV will bring

We have been without TV for almost a month. For quite awhile before we canceled cable I was not interested in reading. My usual books did not inspire me in the least. I believe that I got lazy. Not pretty, but that's what too much TV will do. It makes ones mind lazy. I was fighting my kids to do the reading required by their teachers.

So after a month I have found myself in the middle of one of my readfests.(Not a word, however I have no other word for it.) I realized that I was reading at a stop light the other day. No, it was not a good idea and it was definitely unsafe, but I was happy to have that feeling again. The one where you can't get yourself out of the story and it would be a tragedy of unknown proportions if you can't finish the book before moving onto other tasks, yeah that's the one!

Interesting things have been happening around my house the last couple of days. We have all been reading. Yesterday after church while reading and holding a sleeping Esther on the couch I looked up and all three boys were sitting in front of the fireplace reading. Sorry, I didn't get a picture, because I was too busy reading. It was such a cozy atmoshpere. We had the fire on (we have gas fireplace) the dog was curled up in front of the fireplace on her pillow and the boys were all reading. Peter was reading his birthday book.

So, what book inspired this about face? Alexander McCall Smith's The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency. It is a nice happy mystery novel with no violence and no sex. It's not hard, but it's delightful. I have since read up to number 5 in the series. I plan to read the rest before testing my brain more with more difficult fare, which is in of it.


Nan said...

Wonderful! And I know what you mean. We gave up cable several months back and I'm so happy. I still go in waves with reading. I was on a major reading jag in June and July especially. Haven't started anything recently but Heather motivated me to pick a couple up that I have only contemplated reading.

One of my favorite (and most depressing) reads this last Summer was The Custom of the Country by Edith Whorton. The heroine is just downright evil. I could NOT put that book down.

Nan said...

Sorry, her name is spelled Wharton, not Whorton! LOL

Ruth said...

I have read one Edith Wharton book before. I can't remember what it is now though. Maybe I blocked it out because it was depressing. I will have to try that one.

Nan said...

What's with me and depressing books?? I just finished Tess of the D'Urbervilles and loved it too... Why are some of the most well written books also the most depressing?

I need a little bit of a Jane Austen pick-me-up I think! LOL