Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting ready for winter

We have been getting ready for winter here, at least we have been outside.

Yesterday I dug up my dahlia bulbs.

Here in Idaho they have to be dug up and stored over winter at a cool temperature. I have never done this before, so I am learning. In learning about this I have discovered a wonderful thing about living in the desert, it's dry. Yes, I know that goes without saying. But when it comes to storing dahlia bulbs dryness makes everything easier. I read about how to do this online. It says that you have to be very careful not to damage the bulbs when digging them up. As usual for me, I read about this after digging them up.

Here in this picture you can see that I damaged a few. The internet page said that I did a bad thing. It berated me. It said that they would now all die from fungus. I was sad, so I talked to Peter about this since he is all knowing in the area of plants. He laughed (not at me, but at the internet) and said that it's good that we in Idaho since fungus won't grow. So now all I have to do is find vermiculite, wood shaving, or sand to store them in once they are done drying.

Next spring I will plant the bulbs again and see if they survived my manhandling of them. Peter thinks they will.


Megan said...

How do you find the time, Ruth? Gardening is like magic to me. In that it seems impossible, the knowledge unattainable :p. I planted some irises that my neighbor gave me shortly after we moved here, and I am thrilled every year when they bloom. But my yardwork is more like a triage ward than a carefully tended nursery.

Ruth said...

I am learning VERY slowly. But that is the way I tend to learn best. I started learning about lavender while living in Albany. I have now found out which type I like the best, Provence. It just thrives in this climate. So that took, what, 4 years?! I am now learning about roses and dahlias. Hopefully, I will learn about these more quickly! Peter wants to do some rose breeding, he's never done it so both of us would be learning!

Nan said...

I love it!! "He laughed at the internet!" I wish it was a sinister, all knowing laugh wherein he said, "I hurl insults at thee thou foolish unknowing internet! For what canst thou knowest!?"

Why do I wish that? Because I'm a weirdo.

The internet is so mean for berating you. Dumb internet.

Dang... I love anthropomorphizing the internet!