Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tebow ad

I'm pro-life. However, I recognize that women who decide to have their baby have indeed made a choice. To take that away that choice from someone is totally missing the whole point! The women choosing life are choosing a full future for someone else. How amazing is that! That as women we have the ability to shape the future in ways men cannot. It just brings tears to my eyes to think about the power God put into our hands.

I do understand people, women, feeling alarmed by the ideas that may have been talked about in the ad. Namely that men can tell women what to do with their bodies. However the ad doesn't discuss that. It's about the wonderful outcome of the decision Tim Tebow's mom made.

I found a great article by a pro-choice woman. Sally Jenkins makes many good points including that fact that his mom did in fact make a choice.

Peace begins in the womb, as Feminists for Life say. Choosing life is choosing the best thing for the women facing a difficult choice. But the abortion debate needs to also about young men being responsible. They have just as much to do with the issue of perventing pregnancy as women. I love the fact that Sally Jenkings mentions chastity as a good thing. Amazing!

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