Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just for health sake

I'm not trying to be difficult, nosy or anything else.

Spinach has a plenty of folic acid, lutein, vitamin k and other minerals. It also has oxalic acid which prevents the body from absorbing calcium. Any calcium from other sources in your stomach at the same time as RAW spinach will not be absorbed. I am trying to get my calcium from raw kale and cooked spinach instead. Cooking spinach breaks down the oxalic acid.

The reason I am making this nosy point is that I have read about ton of female bloggers trying to drink a green smoothie everyday. So if you are drinking these smoothies, just know about the acid. Okay. Nose out.


lesdeuxcousins said...

Hi Ruth - I ran into your blog and was compelled to write. You sound like a beautiful mother, wife, human being. (I am a mom of one boy and I struggle constantly about how to raise him to be strong, courageous, grateful - oh BOY!). Being Christian in this world is definitely challenging.

Thank you for sharing your life and emotions (I can certainly relate)... All the best with homeschooling and the rest of this beautiful voyage of life.

Nan said...

Oh goodie. I love cooked (fresh of course) spinach! With balsamic vinegar on it. Mmmmm...