Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The last couple of nights my dreams have had music accompaniment. This morning I was bound and determined to find the song flowing through the dreams like a river connecting one to another. I waited too long to sit down to find it and it drifted away. It was such a peaceful song. It gave me a real restful sleep. I wonder if that ever happens to others.

I have recently found a couple of singer/songwriters that are very comforting. For moments that I am craving a more complex sound I have been going to John Mark McMillan.

"A patriotic sound that incorperates bold stripped down blues with a voice reminiscent of Pete Yorn and a broken America"
HM Magazine

I am really enjoying Sarah McMillan. Yes, it's his wife. Their music isn't really the same. I have been turning to her music when I am feeling the need for quietness. I also am playing Sarabeth Geoghegan for the same feeling, but her music more folk like. I also love that she writes plainly. My favorite song by her is "Lord Deliver Me". Here are some lines...

Lord deliver me from me,
Lord deliver me from the desire to noticed, loved, exalted
Lord deliver me from the desire to be favored, popular, chosen or acknowledged
Lord deliver me from the fear of being long forgotten or ignored

Sometimes I just need to be delivered from myself and unto the Lord. I also like "Tired of Singing Sad Songs." Love it! Sometimes the sad songs just don't cut it and remembering what we are thankful for is a thing of beauty.

Oh, by the way blogspot went wicky in the wacky woo in the middle of this post. I can't figure out why the fonts are different. I would also love to know how to actually post the songs with the music. If any lovely person would like to explain it to me I'd be eternally grateful. However, I did link their websites.


Megan said...

I recently fell in love with the music of Sara Groves, particularly her new album "Fireflies and Songs". I have no idea how to post songs in blogger -- sorry! Hope you're having a great week :).

CG said...

Lord Deliver Me. The lyrics are right on. Thank you for sharing them...

Eugene McCoy said...

Delivered from myself,,I find that I am my own worst problem,,I often pray, Lord, deliver me from Me.

Thank you for reminding me...