Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Truth can be Beautiful

Peter and I watched a new documentary The Beautiful Truth.  It was very informative as well as appalling that the truth and medicine has been co opted by power and money hungry individuals.  (There is one thing that I would preface it with, I think one of my distant family members tried this and he didn't live.  However, I wonder if he did the coffee enemas.  I know that he drank and ate carrots.  I was quite young and not sure what exactly he was doing.)  Did you know that Donald Rumsfeld worked for Searle?  What the nut?  Why the heck was he the Secretary of War or whatever if he was in the pharmaceutical industry?  Seems backassward to me.  And he was the head when they developed aspartame.  Now I'm unhappy.  Seems they pushed that puppy through. 

Okay, the first point.  Dental health is important.  The filling amalgam that dentists use has MERCURY in it.  When we saw that the amalgam continues to emit mercury vapor for at least 50 years Peter just about had a heart attack.  He opened his mouth and I was just about blinded by the silver it contains.  So now he wants to get his fillings removed.  So if anybody knows a dentist qualified and willing to remove them he would be most appreciative.  According to this film if a dentist is willing to do this he will be run out of the business and be sued.  Now here is where is gets really crazy.  A study was done on the dental techs in Norway and most of those young women in the study ended up with fertility problems as well as other problems.  So don't let your teeth get to the place where fillings are needed.   

I'm just going to lump the other points together because I really think the film is worth watching by everybody.  The second point was deficiency.  The processed foods we eat routinely aren't giving us the nutrition we need.  DUH!  What is worse is that MSG is in almost all of them.  They call them glutamate.  It affects not only how things taste but also turns our brains full sign off.  So it's not just sugar that is the root of our weight problems.  This was where Donald Rumsfeld and his political ilk came in and I have to say I blacked out with anger for a minute.  It seems much of the policy that is made BY BOTH PARTIES is for financial reasons not about the people's health.  

Then there was Dr. Gerson.  I think that my grandfather must have read his book because I can remember him talking about some of this stuff.  Maybe both grandfathers were familiar with his work.  Basically Dr. Gerson said that cancer can be cured by eating a vegan diet for a period of time as well as getting coffee enemas and drinking freshly squeezed carrot juice.  There were many other things that can cured by this as well including autoimmune diseases.  There was plenty of qualitative research to show.  I wonder if there will ever be any quantitative research done on this as a viable was to treat cancer.  That would prove most informative.  

I watched it on Netflicks instant.  Bottom line is that I would definitely suggest this to everyone to see.  I may watch it again sometime.  Who wants to come over for some organic snacks and watch it?

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