Saturday, April 25, 2009

I just heard this

Micah--Your eyes are the last part that are built.


Micah--Yes, the inside parts are there, but not until you are born you can see them.


Micah--Then you want cheddar bunnies


I can't decide if they are playing pretend or just really confused.  I didn't want to bother them.


Montay said...

I love it that they can go from one very deep subject to cheddar Love it your boys are so dang cute!

Nan said...

So funny!!

Sorry I've disappeared lately. I had to get off of Facebook. Many reasons. I'm still technically there because I am a group admin. for two groups but otherwise I'm not on at all. Zero friends and all that.

Miss checking in with you though. I have been bad about visiting blogs lately.

How are you all doing?