Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party

Just one note about the sign--we didn't write it and I thought at the time it was talking about big corporations.  I was very impressed with our tea party here in Twin Falls.  There wasn't any racism and it was very positive.  I also liked that the first speaker acknowledged that our speaking out now and not under Pres. Bush is hypocritical.  There should have been more outcry then.  However, now is when the camel's back was broken.  Please don't leave any nasty or condisending comments.  I also think that it is true that this is not a partisan issue.  Both houses of Congress are being irresponsible and corrupt.  I need to speak up and say that our President does not create the laws, he creates policy.  So this national protest should not have been focused so much on him.  God gave us this President, what do we have to learn here?

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