Monday, March 2, 2009

Will I ever learn?

So it's 8pm here and my kids haven't eaten!  Yes, I know I'm a bad, bad mommy.  There are extenuating circumstances.  One is that I couldn't go shopping for food until 6pm because we were down to one car today.  Our Yukon is having a tizzy and decided that the transmission had to go.  So we are waiting while her tempermental self gets a new one and can be driven again.  Tomorrow I will have a vehicle so dinner won't be so late, maybe.  

Back to the dinner lateness.  We went shopping late.  I knew that I wanted to try a new recipe, chicken tetrazinni.  I had chicken left over from chicken soup and there's only so many sandwiches I can make myself eat.  I usually try to have all my chopped things chopped and minced before I turn any appliance on.  I'm just not that good to chop and watch things, especially in a new recipe, at the same time.  So Peter stood in as a sous chef.  Talk about different styles!  He's bucket chemistry, I'm precise.  Sometimes I will tamper with the amounts, but only if I have made the dish before and have a pretty good idea about the taste ratios.  

So the dinner turned out okay.  Not enough flavor, but that's because of differing styles by the cookers.  If there had been less chicken and linguini then it might have tasted better.  Oh, well.  Now I have learned to do it myself.  I should have made this tomorrow and had sandwiches for dinner.  I guess you live and learn.  Now if I could just learn a bit more often.

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