Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living Lovely with Family-Special Times

Our favorite time of the year is summer.  We spend more time outside and doing fun things.  It's also when special treats are most likely to happen!  

The boys go to soccer camp and have fun being crazy with friends.  The last day they get to have their faces painted by Mom!  Last year was flags, so we decided on flags from the state where they were born.  

They play baseball and have fun learning about teamwork.  I LOVE baseball, so it's fun to get to watch some with my favorite players!

Sometimes we go for ice cream from an actual ice cream store.   The boys love the variety and cones.  

We go to an airshow.  Too bad there isn't a picture of Daddy looking at the planes.  He's the one who taught the family to love planes.

Since we live far from family we enjoy the special treat of spending time with them when they are in town for special occasions like Thanksgiving.

Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles is continuing her series on Living Lovely with Family.  I am so glad to have this as a chance to look our life, to remember and realize what fun we have together.  Hop on by her page and see what others are saying, it's truly inspiring and fun to get a peak into others lovely.


Montay said...

Ruth you have an amazing family what fun memories. You are such a great mom. I wish I could have just a bit of the patience you have with my kids. We need to get together again the kids are asking all the time.

Heidi said...

Thanks for joining it, Ruth! I loved the pictures of your family activities. Thanks for reminding me about air shows. I think we need to find one to attend this year!!

deaun said...

As always, lots of great pictures!! It looks like you've got alot of fun activities planned for the summer. There is alot of great exploring to do in the mountains and lake areas, you should add those to your list. :)

SmallWorld at Home said...

Very sweet, and great pics!