Friday, February 27, 2009

Everything's Amazing

Louis CK said on Conan O'Brien, "Everything's amazing, nobody's happy."  (I urge you watch the video at the link.)  We have so many wonderful things available to us.  We live in a very prosperous country, even if we are having some hard times.  I still think that things may get harder, but we still fly through the air.  We have cell phones and internet.  We have the ability to talk to more openly than ever before about difficult, sensitive subjects.  I don't think that unplanned pregnancy was talked about in newspapers (or even in families) in the 1950's!  We have a black president in a country that went to war over slavery just 150 years ago.  The British haven't had a black prime minister.  And they practiced slavery as well!  We have washing machines and soap that doesn't burn your hands while doing the wash.  I can't believe I complain about doing laundry.  My great-grandmother would box my ears if she heard it.

Is the stimulus bill a hard one to swallow?  Yes.  Is it the end of the world? NO!  The mortage bailout plan is hard too, but we will all live.  We may lose some freedoms, but maybe that's good.  It, hopefully, will help us realize what we have lost.  Then we will have a chance to fight to get those things back.  

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