Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look what I made!

(EDIT:This is a tutu.  Thanks for pointing that out Mom!:)  I wouldn't have realized my mistake!) It is a bit too big for Esther since I tied the knots too big, but that can be fixed.  I also learned that the best tulle for these are found on spools.  The internet is so wonderful!  Much less cutting is required since the spools are 6 inches wide.  I think that I can even wrap it in ribbon.  How wonderful will this be?!

I have to thank my lovely model.  My pearl barley container stood in for a form since I have none!  Too bad I haven't figured out how to get the orange out of photos taken indoors at night!  This is the result of trying to fix the color after the fact in Elements.  Though I did figure out that my card is not big enough to shoot in camera raw.  


Mom said...

What am I seeing? Is it a tutu? Does it use elastic?

Mom said...

So you aren't sleeping either, huh? I just finished reading all your postings since the last time I commented and the sensation is of spending an hour playing with a million-memories-with-great-big-feelings kaleidoscope. Thanks and love and blessings and hope and crying does scour the heart, doesn't it?

Montay said...

Way to go it looks great!!