Friday, January 30, 2009

Odds and ends

Last week when I decided to start eating a diet without comfort food I realized that I would need to write about to keep myself accountable.  This week has worked out pretty well.  I have made dinner every night except Wednesday because we had Logos.  And they make healthy food, so I didn't feel bad.  I have had some not so good food come out of my kitchen.  I had a hard time getting the pork chops right, which I used to do quite easily.  That tells me how lax I have gotten about making real food.  Another thing I noticed is that my husband enjoys even my bad food.  The kids, not so much!  But we are learning together.  I made some lentils, which honestly I don't have a love for.  However I will be making them again.  Peter really enjoyed them, I liked the squash I put in them and a small amount is filling.  Last night I made a yummy kale and avocado salad.  I think that it might make a weekly appearance on my meal plan, at least for myself.  The kids even ate it.  I made chicken to go with it, but for myself I don't think I will.  

I have decided on most of the curriculum that we will be using next year.  Right now my concerns lay in art and music.  We don't have a piano and I have not an artistic bone in my body.  I think I will seek out an art class for the kids.  Thanks for all who encouraged me on our quest!  I didn't even get a your crazy comment, but that may be due to the fact that not many read here. Oh, well, C'est la vie and que sera, sera.


Montay said...

Way to go Ruth I could take a lesson in Healthy meal planning from you. We had Mac n Cheese Last night Ummm yeah not so healthy!!

deaun said...

When you decide to go healthy you go all the way!! If I get a veggie on the table and the meats not fried I'm doing good. Kudos to you Ruth.

As for the home schooling, I won't call you crazy, I'll call you brave. I could never do it myself so I have alot of respect for the women who do.

Molly said...

I love the "I've had some not so good food come out of my kitchen" comment. Yesterday I tried a recipe for teriyaki chicken made in the crockpot. I don't know if they used a different teriyaki than I did or I didn't have enough juice from the canned pineapple but they came out BLACK and looking like some kind of diseased organ. It tasted okay, but it looked absolutely horrific!