Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm done

Seriously, I'm done with my husband being gone.  I realize that others have it harder, their husbands are in the military and are gone for months at a time.  I married a plant breeder.  I didn't marry a superhero.  He's wonderful, so I'm not saying that to demean him in any way.  But when we got married his unrealistic promise was that he wouldn't travel at all.  We were so young and stupid.  (It reminds me of my Grandpa Abie's promise to not die before Grandma Joy.)  How can a person make a promise like that and keep it?  I love that he is endeavoring to keep his promise, but it was unrealistic to begin with.  So I in my "I'm so above it" way have let him out of that promise.  I'm the superdeduperest wife ever, right?!

Let me tell you how wonderful he is.  He lets me sleep in most of the time right now.  He is funny in his own special goofy way, which is a wonderful way to keep me real.  I love that as grown up and driven as he is, his favorite Christmas gift was the Nerf supercool gun he got himself.  He likes to play Nerf gun battles with his boys.  How awesome is that?!  And he usually doesn't even shoot me in the rear!  He likes my crazy way that I get all riled up about some seemingly insignificant idea.  He even enjoys the arm waving and everything!  It may be that he's laughing at me, but I think he likes that I surprise him when, and at what, my crazy comes out.  Well, that's enough of a peek at his awesomeness.

Back to the original reason for the post, I miss him terribly.  I feel so alone without him around.  It helps that he calls, but it really isn't the same.  We have another week until he comes home and I can't wait.  I talked to him a bit ago and he is fine.  There is some Lebanese dessert that he choked down in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan that he had this evening in Israel that tasted good there.  (Did you understand with the thats?) The way he told the story was funny and I was glad to hear his humor and laugh.  I never noticed how much I enjoy his company until now.  He is truly my best friend, how blessed am I to have married someone so wonderful.  It's amazing really, when we wed nearly ten years ago, we had only known each other for almost 6 months.   God really had His hand in our lives.

I tried to find a picture on my computer to photoshop to make look even awesomer, but I took some really horrible pictures over the last month.  I can't even photoshop them to make them look good.  


Megan said...

Peter sounds so much like Jon in this post. I got Jon a present from the Dollar Tree for each of the seven days leading up to our 7th anniversary, and I swear he loves the dart gun more than the "real" present I got him. However, he definitely does NOT restrain himself from hitting me on the..er..backside.

I also struggle big time when Jon is gone. So much so that when he comes back I have a hard time opening up to him, actually - it's like I'm afraid of relying on him, which is moronic of me. As soon as I'm done with grad school, I'm going to make it a VERY high priority for me to travel with him if he has to go anywhere for work. If the grandparents don't want to babysit (which is really unlikely), I'll farm the children out! Haha...

Anyway, more hugs and prayers for you Ruth!!

Nan said...

Awww!! Ruth! How sweet... This belongs at http://www.bragonyourman.blogspot.com

Seriously. What a sweet post. I don't blame you for missing him. And I'm a worry wart too so I'd have to add that to my list of concerns with a husband over in that region of the world right now! I hate it when Shawn travels even for two days. I know how blessed we are to have men who don't travel often but I just can't imagine how military wives, etc. do it.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart!! Trent used be be gone every other week with his job when the kids were little and I just hated it!! I know how you feel.


Montay said...

Ruth you are doing a great job Peter will be home before you know it. I don't like it when Rob is gone but I think it makes us realize all the great things about one another and the "why" we fell in love. Keep your head up and know that you are in my prayers.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I keep adding up Peter and Manfred's plans and somehow it keeps adding up to a week, regardless of the day. Like yesterday it was supposed to be a week, and now today it is supposed to be a week. Either I'm confused or someone has some 'splainin' to do.