Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To buy or not to buy

Peter and I coming down on different sides of a theoretical argument, no heated words. He wants to buy another gaming system, a Wii. (I realize that as far as this Christmas is concerned that ship has sailed, none to be found.) I have already broken my in-my-head agreement with myself that we would never have one of any kind. Which is a bother to me not to him, since I didn't tell him until the last second. I just assumed we would never have one. We have a playstation2. The boys play it together some. Mostly on the weekends because we don't allow it on school days. He wants to get it because the games are so family friendly and the boys could all play it together, which would be great. I can totally see his point, it would promote family togetherness. I, however, would prefer that the boys just play with toys and such. I really try to limit the amount of time the kids play the playstation.

Now here's the super crazy part. I don't feel like I can tell Peter this. (And by writing this will not be some backhanded, manipulating way of telling him, he doesn't read my blog.) It's not about submission, I know he would love my input and really wants it. It is has to do with him knowing more about boys than I do. I so told you it was crazy.


ShasB said...

I have some of the same feelings towards video games as you do Ruth. However, we purchased a Wii almost a year ago and we absolutely love it! Rosanna has a blast with it, and it is way more family friendly than any other game systems we have had. I know I sound like a walking, talking ad for Nintendo, but I truly think it is a great product for families who want to enjoy technology without their children turning into zombies! Hope that helps :o)


Megan said...

Tough call, Ruth! Last year Jon and I bought each other "half" of an XBox 360 for Christmas, so it's clear where we stand...lol. But it's a topic we've given a lot of thought to and discussed quite a bit. Like most things, we decided that it was good in moderation. We figure it's better for the two of us to spend time playing a video game together than watching a movie or tv (although we enjoy movies and some tv shows too). As long as it doesn't become the center of your life, gaming can be a nice social interaction tool and a way to spend some fun time together. With boys, it can even be a good way to communicate, because they tend to feel more comfortable talking if there's something else going on.

Just my 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

We also have a Wii and the nice thing about it is you're not sitting and playing, you are up and moving around. In a way it's great exercise.

Ruth said...

Thanks for your input. It's not that I have anything against gaming systems, it's just that the kids can become very grumpy after playing for awhile. Since there are none to buy Peter and I will have to decide later when there is one to buy. I think that we will be buying a wii.

Montay said...

I say if you have decided to go ahead and get one why not make it a big suprise for Peter and the Boys " Santa" can bring it and yes you can find one online still around 250-300 ksl.com there is my two cents