Thursday, December 11, 2008

Leaps and bounds

Esther is growing and developing by leaps and bounds.  She has started walking around the ottoman.  Yesterday she learned how to say "more" with baby signs (can I get an amen!).  And now she is pulling the books off the bookshelf.  So far it's only half of a shelf, but it will be more within a matter of moments.  Amazingly, she has cut any teeth yet!  She's been teething for a couple of months now and still no teeth!  I can't decide if I should be happy or frustrated.  I'm ready for this to be over, but then again YOW!  She is finally over the cold she got when we went to Oregon.  Mostly by staying at home all the time.  Well, not ALL the time, only when I don't have obligations.  But she is much happier now.  So it looks like I will be doing that a ton more.  I prefer a happy baby even if I have to spend a lot of time alone.  Another reason she is happier is that she is now being actual people food put through the baby food grinder.  Somewhere she tasted salt.  So that was the end of baby food from jars.  It's better that way anyhow, cheaper too!  So she's getting some fat along with all her other nutrients.  She had spaghetti for the first time on Monday.  The baby food grinder had a very nice side effect on Monday, no messy baby to put directly into a bath after spaghetti!

She is now standing at the ottoman eating puffies.  And she is trying to get to my computer.  Silly girl.  I can't wait to play girl things with her.  Don't get me wrong, I love to play light sabers, but sometimes it would be nice to play dolls.  And when I say dolls, I mean dolls where the dolls stay dolls they don't turn into guns or bad robots bent on universal destruction!   Next time more cool updates on the boys!

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Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie and always so happy. You are truly blessed with all your children.