Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas doings

I haven't yet posted pictures from this Christmas because I got Photoshop Elements and can't figure out how to compress the pictures.  We shall see how this works.  So far I don't think that it has worked.  I tried to make the picture quality worse, but somehow that isn't the key.  It's taken a couple of minutes to try and upload one picture at low quality.  I decided to make it quit.  I will try again later.  If anybody knows how to make it compress I would be eternally grateful.  

We all had a good time this Christmas.  The boys got Nerf guns from Oma and have really enjoyed having gun battles.  On the wii, we got one.  From Mema and Papa to all of us.  Thank you so much.  I think I forgot to tell you when I talked to you earlier.  The boys are currently bowling.   And they are interested in boxing.  Maybe I should use that for toy disputes.  That would be a creative use of technology!  Esther got some fun books and has been busy learning to try and walk.  She stands alone from time to time.  

Peter is at work today.  He has been putting the finishing touches on his greenhouse and is getting ready to go to abroad.  He will be spending some time in Europe as well as the Middle East.  

I am trying to keep everybody healthy for when school is back in session.

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