Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some pictures from the last couple of months


Nan said...

Yay!! A blog! If you want to add a blogroll go to your dashboard and then to settings. Then up at the top click the "layout" tab. It will bring up a page of "page elements." Then you click the words "add a gadget." It will bring up a whole list of choices for sidebar content options. The blog list one is the first one on the list. Then there are a whole bunch of other ones to choose from also. :^) I hope that helps! I'll try to get you added to my blogroll too!

Hooray! You're in the blog world!

How have you been? We have been CRAZY busy here. We are excited to have John and Heather and the kids all up here this week. They get here Wednesday!


Ruth said...

I did it, you are there. Now there's something called an html tag. What the nut is that?

Nan said...

html tags are basically codes that tell something to happen on your screen. You might have a code to link an image on your sidebar to another site or you might have a text link. If you Google basic HTML you can figure out quite a bit. Blogging is ultimately what turned me into a bit of a computer geek.