Monday, September 22, 2008

My house

You all know that the name of this blog was meant to be a play on words. It turns out I do kind of like things messy(not in perfect little packages). Take this picture of my front garden.

I realize that it should be neater, but the wildness is kind of fun. Next year it will be different, but I am really enjoying the flowers. Not a lot of people here but flowers in their front yards. Here is another picture.
We are enjoying the waning of summer weather. Too soon it will be windy all the time and no color other than brown to behold. Hope you all are enjoying your summer weather as well.


meganl said...

Ruth - How fun! I've been thinking about blogging as well, you may have just inspired me to actually give it a shot :-). Your house is lovely -- I also enjoy "non-structured" gardens.


Ruth said...

I am enjoying it. I have been lurking on a few blogs for awhile now and felt that I should go ahead and make myself known! Some of them are so beautiful. I may try to get pretty!

Nan said...

I love your garden! So pretty! (you should see the amount of weeds in mine! Ugh! I have not had time this Summer!)