Friday, September 26, 2008


Here are some fun soccer pictures from last Saturday's game. Micah was quite cold and tired, he already sat through Abraham's game. In the middle of Micah's game it started to rain and they had no players to substitute. All the boys played very hard. Abraham played really well. He even made a goal. Unfortunately, I put the camera away just moments before he scored! It would have been really fun to get a picture of him scoring a goal.

Peter is enjoying being Micah's coach. I think he may continue to coach him through out the years. Peter has been an unofficial coach for Abraham's team from time to time. Soccer has become something the entire family enjoys. We see people from other schools that the boys have been on teams with before. It's a nice community outing.

Tomorrow we have more games. I am truly looking forward to them. I can't wait until all the kids are playing soccer. We will truly be a soccer family then!

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