Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brain Drain

*I am trying to find a good way to make sure that we get everything done that we need to get done each day. Since we have been back from Houston not everything gets done everyday. I thought about making check-off sheets for the older boys each day. But we don't do everything every day. I am plenty stumped about what to do. I am going to try this way for awhile and see if it works.

*In other matters, I am totally enjoying reading a Twitter account--specifically Adam Baldwin's. I agree with some of his ideas, but he is way strident. But he just begs for people to have discourse. I wonder if he actually follows through with his ideas, mainly regarding education. I wonder if his children go to public school.

*The boys are still enjoying martial arts. I found a list of good boy films at Mommy Life. I love finding blogs from veteran boy moms. She talks about not trying to stop boys from rough housing. I feel reasonably good about my rule--if you hurt yourself wrestling/rough housing don't come crying to me. It's worked pretty well, if I do say so myself. Now pardon me while I break my arm patting myself on the back.

*Peter is leaving for a trip tomorrow. Yay? It will be good for the kids to get out of the habit of thinking Peter will save them from school work when he gets home. But I will miss having Daddy come save me at 4:45.

*We are thinking about moving Esther to a big girl bed this or next week. There was a bed with a trundle on sale for a really good deal at Costco this week. (BTW, I ♥ Costco.) And now we also got a mattress.

*I just found out how to put that heart in up there. I am so excited!

*On Pat Robertson, Jennifer Moody an education reporter and blogger with the Mid-Valley newspapers in Oregon had some wonderful and constructive things to say.

This format is working well for me right now because I am a bit distracted. It's not too much pressure for me to have deep eloquent paragraphs upon paragraphs.


Megan said...

A big girl bed, fun! Aurelia loves her toddler bed -- but when we move I'll probably sell it and get her a twin-sized bed. Or make one?? Might as well think ambitious :).

Good luck with figuring out a system to get things done every day. I wish I had some useful advice, but I feel like time is just sweeping me along like a leaf over Niagra Falls...ugh.

Nan said...

I have the same rule with my boys. :^) Works here too. But then... almost all their "injuries" are due to roughhousing or foolishness! Don't break your arm though... you might need it to break up a wrestling match!