Monday, September 14, 2009

Cooking music

I have found that even though I do enjoy cooking, I end up inside alone while the other members of my family go outside to play with Peter. I often succomb to frozen things so that I don't have to be inside while they are having fun outside. The days that I listen to music while making dinner I end up making elaborate dishes and really enjoy the time alone. It may be sad that it has taken me TEN years to figure this out, but I'm going to look at the bright side that I did figure it out. Lately I have been listening to Mandisa. Which is pretty amazing since I have never watched American Idol. Not once, ever. Now that we don't have TV that isn't likely to change.

Today I listened to my music while making dough for pizza. And even though I forgot to get out the stand mixer before mixing ingredients(which means in Ruth's kitchen, no mixer), I still enjoyed my tricep workout while kneading the dough. It helps me immeasurably to have music on. I am going to be making the marinara after I hit publish. I'm thinking about a little Jonny Lang. Interesting tidbit, he's a Christian. (Sidenote:Why is his music never on the "Christian" radio stations? Or Mandisa for that matter?) His music is good for stirring and chopping.

And having music on always keeps my prefectionism at bay. I think that I may be enjoying myself too much to get too stressed out about not having coriander. Or cumin. I am ALWAYS out. Except for right now, I actually thought ahead and have cumin to spare. Not coriander. I don't think I've ever had coriander. But cardmom works just as well, at least when I'm carefree in the kitchen.

I wonder do you, valued friends, listen to music while cooking? Or is this just another way I'm weird? Wait-- don't answer that one, let me figure that one out.


Montay said...

I love some tunes in the kitchen

Nan said...

I'll have to try that. I usually cook to the sound of the news. Kinda depressing!